Spanish Series Part I: Party Party Party in IBIZA!

6 Sep

I just returned from a 10 day holiday in Spain with my love. I’ve decided I am going to write 4 posts about it. 3 posts for each of my favorite things we did, starting with Ibiza. And, one post devoted to what I would have done differently on our trip. Now I’ve said it, so I have to do it.

Our itinerary in Spain started with 4 days in Barcelona, a day in Sitges just outside of Barcelona, 2 days in Valencia/Bunol for Tomatina, and the last 3 days in Ibiza.

Hokay, so, Ibiza. I had more fun in one night in Ibiza than I thought was possible. We were there for 3 nights, but since the clubs are expensive and our pockets were nearly empty by this point in the trip, we decided to just have one big night out at the club. And it was big. And so. much. fun.

Before going out that night, we rented bicycles and rode around Ibiza all day. We saw the beaches and an old castle on a big hill overlooking the island. But, we weren’t impressed. The sites did not compare to anything we saw in Barcelona, and the vibe of the place reminded Shaun of a city like Acapulco or Cancun. “Why is everyone so in love with this place?” We talked about it over a dinner of cheese and crackers bought from the grocery store across the street from our hotel. Did I mention Europe is expensive?

After our gourmet meal, we took a late evening nap. This reminded me of college. Nap at 8, up at 10, out at midnight or later. In Ibiza, the clubs don’t open until midnight, and they don’t get really going until 2 or 3 in the morning, so the nap was vital.

We had several club options, and we chose to get tickets to Es Paradis because they were having their weekly “Fiesta Del Agua” – Water Party. Now, at first, this sounded eerily familiar to a foam party, which I have a life rule of avoiding. (Other life rules include avoiding dark allies, and never under any circumstances, taking nude photos). These rules are in place to protect my safety and dignity, and they have served me well. But, we looked up youtube videos of this Fiesta del Agua to see what all the fuss was about, and it looked like a lot of fun (and not anything like the foam parties I’ve seen on MTV’s spring break).

So, after some cheap whiskey, a shot of espresso, and a disco bus ride over to San Antonio, we were ready to party party party!

When we arrived, we decided to stop at the bar across the street for a beer. There were people there painting faces, and Shaun convinced me (though it didn’t take much convincing) to get my face painted. When in Ibiza….

My night in Ibiza in one picture - a little glittery, a little blury, and a whole lotta fun

The face painting gal told us the water party doesn’t even start until 5 AM. At this point, it was nearing 2. She told us the club across the street was giving free passes, so we stopped in there for a bit to “kill time.”

The “free pass” club was Eden, and it was FUN. There was a lot of entertainment (provided by both the club itself and its patrons). And, we got two BOGO drink tickets, so the beers were cheap.

Let me stop right now and say that I am by no means a “clubber”. In fact, I typically hate clubs. The music is too loud and the place is too crowded, and I much prefer to hear what my friends are saying than dance too close to a bunch of strangers. But, the clubs in Ibiza (at least the ones I went to) were not like that at all. The music was loud, but not too loud the club was full but not crowded, and the entertainment was exactly that – entertaining.

entertainment from the patrons of Eden

So, we are in this free/pre club, and we are having a blast dancing and people watching. “If this is just the free/pre club, I am definitely excited for the main event!” I am thinking.

So, around 4, we leave the free/pre party and stop for another espresso and a beer at the bar. We cross the street and we are in Paradise on Earth – that’s what the Spanish title of the club translates to in English.

This club also had impressive entertainment. And good music. But, we came for the water 😉

At exactly 5, the water came. They played singing in the rain, and water came rushing on to the dance floor both from the ceiling and open ended pipes in the stairs leading down to the dance floor. It was incredible. And not gross at all. We danced in the water until we were soaked to the bone. They played fun music to dance in water to – like We Will Rock You. Everyone was stomping and clapping and splashing. Like I said – so. much. fun.

At 6AM, we left the club and headed back to the hotel. We were some of the first to leave…

I woke up at 11 starving. I was flabbergasted when I heard McDonald’s still abides by the “breakfast ends at 10:30” rule in Ibiza. I really thought they would get a loop hole. Oh well, the Big Mac tasted just as good as any breakfast burrito. After my belly was full, it was back to bed for pretty much the rest of the afternoon.

What a great night.


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