It’s the little things that count

30 Jun

There are MANY things that make living in Egypt much different from living in the United States. Some of them are very big, obvious things (like the language) and other things are small.  Here are some of the small things. Not better, not worse, just different.

1. Pop tabs need to be ripped completely off.

2. Coffee = Nescafe (instant coffee). I haven’t seen a proper coffee brewer anywhere except the Keurig coffee maker at Shaun’s work. We kept asking the kitchen store lady about a French Press for the past two weeks, and she kept saying “Bokra, in sha Allah” which means “tomorrow, God willing.” Well, tomorrow finally came yesterday! Either way, Nescafe seems to have just as much caffeine as my beloved American brewed coffee, and that is really all that matters, right?


3. Milk – OK. this one might be a little worse… Milk comes in a cardboard box and doesn’t ever go bad. Nor does it need to be refrigerated. I am not really convinced that it is even actual milk from a cow…

4. Water Heaters – This one is actually a little bit better (as long as it works appropriately). The wateris heated as it runs through the pipeso you willnever run out of hot water! It just makes for a little bit of an eye soar in thekitchen and bathroom.

5. Air conditioners – Every room has an individual AC unit. And, they all hang off the outside of the building. When you are walking on the sidewalk, you need to look for the wet spots on the ground, and walk around them. Otherwise, you are likely to get rained on by the water dripping out of all the AC units on a given building. Gross.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I have conquered my nervousness about walking around Zamalek alone. Yay! I bought myself this beautiful ring at the silver shop down the street. 🙂

Rubies, Emeralds and silver, oh my!


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