Rustic + a touch of Arabia? (wedding planning)

28 Jun

So, as you know, my wedding is going to on a farm in Wisconsin. Here are some more pictures that I took when I went to see the venue this past winter. The plan is to have a rustic theme and to incorporate lots of Wisconsiny things such as cheese and beer.

The whole “theme” ties together so nicely – wedding on a farm with good micro-brews, cheese and lots of ho-down fun including but not limited to square dancing, a hog roast and a camp fire.

BUT, I also want to include some Egyptian touches because well a. we are going to spend the year prior to our wedding here, and b. I can get things very cheaply here – always thinking about that budget 😉

For example, they have these beautiful lanterns everywhere that make gorgeous patterns of light on the walls and ceiling. Can I put these in the barn for the reception and make it look like it fits in with everything else? Or, will it come off as scatter brained and out of place? Help, please!


One Response to “Rustic + a touch of Arabia? (wedding planning)”

  1. Diana Link June 28, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    I love the lanterns. We had one in our hotel room in Mexico and it was amazing. We would just turn off the lights and look at the patterns on the ceiling. I don’t think lanterns are NECESSARILY middle eastern (since we had one in Mexico) and as long as you get them in the right color scheme and don’t go overboard with it, I think it will be beautiful!

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