Ras Sudr

27 Jun

This weekend was spent in Ras Sudr, a town located on the Red Sea – about a two and a half hour drive (without traffic) from Cairo. It is known for its kite surfing thanks to the very shallow water and steady wind. We rented a mini bus complete with driver for $20 USD/person round trip (SO CHEAP). We went with 3 Aussies and 3 Egyptians. Shaun and the Aussies went Kite surfing both days while I lazed on the beach with the three Egyptian girls. I felt pretty silly “relaxing” on the beach because I sit around “relaxing” all day while Shaun is at work anyway… I am looking forward to starting that job!

The weekend was very enjoyable. So much so that we are considering going back next weekend. There is going to be a kite surfing contest next weekend, so they will have a BBQ and beach games going on. Plus, it is the weekend right before my birthday!

Here is a picture of Shaun kite surfing. He caught on the quickest thanks to his snowboarding and wakeboarding skillz.

Here is a picture of me taking a break from my oh-so-stressful lifestyle.

I wish I would have gotten a group picture of all of us! It was great getting to know them all. It has definitely made the transition easier to have a group of friends already in place thanks to my wonderful fiance.


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