7 days in…

23 Jun

Well, I have now been here for just over a week, and I would like to write a very in depth post about all my thoughts about Cairo, and whether I think I made the right decision moving here blah blah blah, but that seems a bit too taxing for me at the moment. Rather, here are some things I really like about Cairo so far:

  • Shaun lives here – duh
  • Things are CHEAP! Cab rides, restaurants, groceries, etc – all very affordable
  • It is always sunny…seriously it never rains. It’s never even cloudy.
  • I am getting a JOB – starting in a week or two, once the paperwork is done.
  • There is always something to do, something to see
    • For example, I am going to the Red Sea this weekend to hang out on the beach with some of Shaun’s friends
  • The area where we live (Zamalek) is very cool – lots of restaurants and stores and embassies

Here are some things that make it a bit difficult:

  • I don’t speak the language yet. I can  say thank you, hello and right and left although sometimes I get the latter two confused which makes for a bigger issue
  • Due to the above, I don’t go out exploring on my own
  • Due to the above, I spend most of the day confined to the apartment while Shaun is at work
    • BUT! I am hoping to learn more Arabic very soon and hopefully I’ll get the guts to navigate Zamalek on my own once I get some more of the basics down.

Many of the people I talked to about Cairo said, “you either love it or hate it”. Well, I don’t love it yet. But, I certainly don’t hate it. So, I guess the final verdict is still out….


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