I am HERE!

16 Jun

I am finally here in Cairo! Very exciting. My favorite part of the city so far? Shaun. Hands down. 🙂

But, seriously, the trip made for a very LONG day. There was no night time for the whole of it (22 hours). But, I did manage to sleep on the flight from Amsterdam to Cairo, except for the 20 minute drama of the lady next to me spilling red wine all over me and her. That part was not very enjoyable.

When I finally got in, things moved very quickly. I bought my tourist visa, got my luggage and went through customs in about 15 minutes. Customs took a bit of time because they had a hard time believing that all 4 of my bags contained “mostly shoes and clothes”. Maybe I should have packed a bit lighter…

After customs, Shaun was waiting for me! We had about 200 men ask us if we needed a taxi and following us around. Shaun was leading me out and saying no to them and telling them we already had one in Arabic while I followed behind him. I kind of felt like a superstar with body guard leading me through a crowd of paparazzi, except that there were no cameras.

Once we got to the cab, it was about 45 mins to the apartment. And, that 45 minutes is pretty much all of Cairo that I have seen so far. All I can say is Cairo is… interesting. For example, I saw a building that had trees growing inside of it. And the trees had burst through the ceiling but nobody really seemed to care to do anything about it. Immediately after that, I saw a horse drawn carriage. But, instead of a carriage, it was pulling a tank of gas, I think. Like the kind you see in someone’s back yard. Like I said, interesting.

The area where we live is really cool. It kind of reminds me of China town in NYC. But, I haven’t seen much of it yet. I want to learn some Arabic basics before venturing out on my own.

OK… I have put off unpacking for long enough now. I should go do that! Tomorrow I am going on a Felucca ride down the Nile and then to a British pub with some of Shaun’s friends. Yay!


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